1.   The purpose of the impromptu speech is to give a contestant an opportunity to be creative and

       imaginative. An impromptu speech should reveal the student’s ability to organize his or her

       thoughts quickly and in a logical manner. The speech should present the speaker with an

     opportunity to express himself or herself freely and demonstrate his or her skill in delivery.


2.   Topics will be:

                              Round I           Ordinary Things

                              Round II         Abstract Words

                              Round III        Quotations

                              Round IV        Famous People and Characters

                              Semifinals       Any of the Above

                              Finals –           Everyone will speak on the same topic, which will be one of the above.


3.   Each speaker will draw three topics and select one. The topics not chosen should be placed with the remaining topics from which other contestants choose.


4.   There will be five minutes preparation time for the speaker.


5.   Speaking time is five minutes maximum with a thirty second grace.


6.   The topic is to be presented to the judge before speaking.


7.   When participating in the State Tournament, no notes are permitted while speaking, although students may write during their preparation time.


8.   When participating in the Novice Tournament, a note card with fifty words or less may be used

     when speaking.


9.   Students are not to draw and prepare their speeches until the previous contestant has spoken.


10. Time signals may be used if the contestant so desires.


11. No reference materials are allowed during preparation.


12. There are to be a minimum of twelve topics in each draw envelope.


13. In the final round of impromptu, all contestants will speak on the same topic. Contestants are to

      enter the room one at a time, prepare, and then speak. Once a contestant has spoken, he or she may not leave the room until all remaining contestants have spoken.